Guide to Companies Act, 2013 - Section wise Concise Commentary [as amended by the Companies ( Amendment ) Act, 2017] - 6th Revised Edition 2018

Author : CS Mamta Bhargava (FCS, BCom (H), LL.B, IP)
Edition : 2018
Price : Rs 1795 (Hard Bound)
Special offer Price : Rs 1495
ISBN: 978-93-84345-20-4

Highlights of the book

The book presents Concise Commentary on Companies Act, 2013 as amended by the Companies ( Amendment ) Act, 2017 in a very simple, lucid language in the form of bullets. The highlights of the book are:

  • The Commentary starts after each section under the head “Guide Notes” with different sub heads like Analogous law ( corresponding sections of 1956 Act ) , Overview, Relevant Rules and Forms, Circulars and Clarifications, Judicial Pronouncements, Secretarial Standard, Offence and Penalty etc, in order to give a complete picture of the section.
  • The presentation of the Commentary is in a BULLET FORM unlike the conventional way of paragraphs giving the reader a glimpse of the section at one go.
  • To enhance the utility a separate division of Ready Referencer has been added comprising of the following:

    • Companies Act, 1956 vis-a-vis Companies Act, 2013
    • Table of Fees
    • Matters requiring shareholders approval by special resolution
    • Secretarial Standards on Board Meetings (SS-1)
    • Secretarial Standards on General Meetings ( SS-2)
    • Secretarial Standards on Dividend ( SS-3)


    The book will serve as a single point reference Guide for the Professionals , Students , Advocates, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants for academic and professional purposes.

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