Life's Wake up call - a call which will change your attitude towards life
By Mamta Bhargava

Author: Mamta Bhargava
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ISBN :978-93-84345-03-7
No of Pages : 200
Binding : Paper Back

About The book

To answer the call of our life , we need to wake up and question to our self, are we satisfied with the type of life we are leading today ? Most of us are living a life of a machine, a monotonous life with no time for ourselves! We are busy taking care of others BUT what about taking care of the most important person in our life ? Guess who ! It is YOU ……who is the most neglected of all.

To lead a meaningful life, we need to live a life with awareness. We often find ourselves entangled in crunchy and messy situations. Little awareness coupled with small pieces of wisdom can help us in pulling out of these situations.

Expand and cultivate your mind to become a better person. This book will motivate and inspire you to live an extraordinary and successful life, where at the end you are bound to change your attitude towards life. Life has so much to give but with our close mind attitude, we receive very less.

The book has twelve sections such as life and lifestyle, your personality, your limitations, broad mindedness, happiness, attitude towards life, your health and so on divided into 64 crisp and short chapters such as cost of a lavish lifestyle, create your own happiness, what is success and so on which are bound to energise you and infuse a new life in you.

Hope this book will elevate and transform your life for the better. So wake up ! Wish you all the luck , may your dreams come true…..

About the Author

Mamta Bhargava is a law graduate and a Company Secretary based in New Delhi. She has vast experience in the industry and has written several books on Law. She has always been an admirer of nature and life as such which has motivated her to pen down her thoughts and experiences in this book. Presently she is the executive editor of the law journal "Corporate Law Adviser".

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